Best Resume Writing Services

While looking for a job, job seekers must create various documents but simultaneously highlight their individuality. How to do this and still go through the applicant tracking system? Resume writing services offer this opportunity.

Rank Service Overview Rating Price
1 ResumeEdge

ResumeEdge is a service competent in writing resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and helping customers get their dream jobs.

9/10 100$ Visit Site
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2 Skillroads

Skillroads is a convenient all-in-one career builder designed to satisfy job seekers with differing needs and requirements.

9/10 100$ Visit Site
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3 ResumeSpice

This service is designed for professional resume writing, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and other services. In addition, the company claims that it can help with the choice of work if the client has not decided yet.

7/10 129$ Visit Site
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4 TopResume

TopResume is one of the largest resume-writing services in the world. The company was founded back in 2014 and since then gained a formidable reputation.

7/10 149$ Visit Site
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5 ZipJob

ZipJob is a resume writing company that was founded in New York in 2016. It has become an excellent assistant to people who live in the United States and Canada and are in search of employment.

6/10 139$ Visit Site
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resumeedge review

ResumeEdge Review ✔️


Year started: 1998
Guarantee: 30 days interview invitation
Price of a resume: starting from $100
Discounts: 10% price cut
Resume deadline: 3 days (48 hours express delivery)

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How to choose a resume writing service?

Of course, you can write your resume on your own. But in some cases, job seekers may have problems. For example, if you are trying, but employers do not react to your documents, or you want to change your profession. Still, you don’t know which of your professional qualities will be valuable for a particular company. In this case, you can entrust this task to a professional resume writer.

However, the question arises, what criteria should you be guided by when searching for the best resume writing service. We’ve created five measures to keep in mind while browsing the resume writing services pages.

  • A good resume writing service will personalize your resume for the vacancy

So, job seekers have a specific goal to gain new work experience. That can be career advancement, transition to a related or completely new profession. However, these options assume that you need a resume that matches a specific opening.

Therefore, you should only trust those services that make not just a basic resume but tailored ones.

  • Pay attention to professional resume writing service reviews on independent review services

Of course, professional resume writing is your investment in the future. Despite this, the quality of some services does not match the price they charge for their services.

You should check online resume writing services reviews to learn more about resume writing results. On such websites, people share their experience of working with services. Most often, you can notice that some writers of some companies violate deadlines or make elementary mistakes even before placing an order from this service. So take these reviews very responsibly.

  • Check if the company makes refunds

If you are dissatisfied with the quality of work, you should know that some resume services will not compensate you. You may notice that sometimes there is some kind of guarantee on the sites, which assumes that the writer will redo your document under certain conditions. But in reality, this feature does not guarantee that the writer will make a successful resume, thanks to which you will receive an interview invitation. Make sure about the service’s refund policy, because nothing is perfect and sometimes you might need the refund option if you are not quite satisfied with the writer’s work.

  • Read the full range of services 

If all you need is a resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile filling, you will find such services at all resume writing services. However, such documents as Federal Resume, Civilian Transition Resume, Academic CV Writing are not represented on all platforms.
The situation is the same with KSA. Most companies do not include the KSA writing service, although this is a separate document that is often needed for different vacancies, especially federal ones.

  • Find out how you will communicate with a resume writer 

There are several ways of communication between clients and resume writers: chats, direct telephone communication with the writer, contact with the Customer Success Manager.

Chat may seem like a convenient and modern communication function, but chats generally slow down the writing process when it comes to resume writing. Sometimes authors can be so overwhelmed with work that they cannot reply to customers’ messages for a long time.

Telephone communication with the writer can also create additional stress on them, damaging the applicant’s document.

Customer Success Managers facilitate the work of resume writers by becoming an intermediary between the customer and the performer. In this way, the Customer Success Manager learns all the critical information and passes it on to the writer.

In case of any problems with the service, customers will want to ask for help. However, not all services provide quick assistance, so you should check to see if the company has a Customer Support Team that is available 24/7.

What are the best resume writing services?

We propose you analyze top professional resume writing services. For this article, we’ll rely on honest reviews to help you find a good resume writer.

Since there are many services, it isn’t easy to choose the best one. We have created our resume writing services reviews for companies such as TopResume, ZipJob, ResumeSpice, Skillroads, ResumeEdge.

  • TopResume


The creators decided to make a blog with tips for writing resumes and other documents for applying for a job. Also, professionals filled the site with information for promoting a ladder career.

In addition, users can get a free review of their resumes. If you need Federal Resume, Military to Civilian Transition Resume, Academic CV Writing, TopResume engages certified writers to help you write all the right forcibly. Service prices start at $ 149.


If you go to Trustpilot and the BBB, you will see many negative reviews. The reason is that the service does not provide refunds. It is a considerable disadvantage, as TopResume writers are sometimes very overwhelmed, so they make standard errors in their documents.

For the same reason, writers often break deadlines. Consequently, clients who need to apply for a position at a precise time cannot do so and thus miss out on the opportunity to get the job they want.

Also, due to the workload or poor qualifications of the writers, the quality of the resumes themselves and other documents, including the LinkedIn profile, suffers. Clients complain that writers do not properly check for errors during the resume review phase. Moreover, after editing clients’ resumes, sometimes it became worse than initially.

While TopResume provides Federal Resume writing services, they do not include the KSA spelling required for this document in their services, not to mention that employers in other areas may also request a KSA.

Plus, TopResume does not provide a support phone number to contact in an emergency. Instead, they offer customers to use chat, making the service slower and less quality.

  • ZipJob

Pros: Like TopResume, they do resume reviews for free. The site also hosts articles with helpful hiring tips and trends. Service prices start at $ 139.

Cons: While ZipJob claims to only work with experienced and qualified writers, resume writing services reviews often suggest otherwise. According to customers who have left reviews on Trustpilot and the BBB, some writers have made not only common mistakes in their resumes but also basic spelling mistakes. In this way, the ZipJob writers could make the original resume even worse.

ZipJob also does not provide the customer with an opportunity to get their money back, despite apparent mistakes. The service offers a 60-day interview guarantee if the customer has paid for the Fast Track or Premium package. It means that if the person doesn’t receive double the number of interview invitations, ZipJob writers will modify their resume. However, keeping track of the number of interview invitations is difficult, so this guarantee often does not work.

In addition, even if the documents were written correctly, the writers also often did not fit into the deadlines. It can be due to both the significant number of orders that reduce the quality of the work and the poor qualifications of the writer who cannot make the papers correctly.

Furthermore, ZipJob writers do not do types of work such as Federal Resume, Military to Civilian Transition, Academic CV Writing. Writers also don’t create a KSA.

  • ResumeSpice


Highly rated by Trustpilot and BBB. Customers note that ResumeSpice writers have improved their job application process. Customer focus also manifests in the ability of the client to call an expert. Most services now do not use this method because, in the instructions from the client, it is vital to record in writing the main points that should be emphasized when creating a resume or other documents.


ResumeSpice does work with professional and certified resume writers, but their prices are very high. Compared to other services, ResumeSpice services are 3-4 times higher. For example, ResumeSpice requires $ 189 for Cover Letter Writing. On the contrary, this document on other services costs up to $ 80. The same applies to other services. Editing a LinkedIn profile and writing a Professional Bio costs the same, which is illogical since the writer spends more time writing these documents.

An unjustified price for the Thank you Letter service, which costs $ 129 on ResumeSpice, while on other services, it costs no more than $ 50. Moreover, clients have to wait a long time for their documents despite this price. The writers are busy with one order for 12 days.

Like previous services, ResumeSpice does not write KSA, nor does it provide Federal Resume, Military to Civilian Transition, Academic CV Writing services.

  • Skillroads


Free Resume Checker and Free Resume Builder are available to users. Skillroads provides additional free help in a blog with advice on writing various documents and a successful interview.

Resume writing, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile are affordable and of good quality. For example, resume writing costs $ 100. Moreover, the deadlines of Skillroads range from 48 hours to 2 weeks. Clients confirm the professionalism of writers’ resumes on Trustpilot, BBB, and other review services.


Skillroads writers do not do Federal Resume, Military to Civilian Transition, Academic CV Writing. They also do not write KSA.

  • ResumeEdge


This service has excellent reviews on Trustpilot and BBB. Most customers rated cooperation with this company at A +. ResumeEdge has created a blog with tips to help a person succeed for anyone looking for a job.

ResumeEdge works with professional and qualified writers, but the prices are lower, unlike other resume writing services. Resume writing starts at $ 100, and cover letter writing starts at $ 60.

If a customer needs a call, they can call the Customer Success Manager, who will record all the details and pass them on to the writer. Customers don’t have to worry about being ignored as the Customer Success Team is available 24/7.

Due to the even distribution of the workload for each writer, the quality of the papers is superior. Accordingly, clients receive their documents on time. If the client is not satisfied with the quality of the service, they can get a refund.

At the same time, ResumeEdge deadlines are shorter; writers spend at least three days on a document. In addition, there is the possibility of an urgent case in which writers make documents within 48 hours.

Unlike most resume writing services, ResumeEdge helps people who need Federal Resume, Civilian Transition Resume, Academic CV Writing. In addition, the service offers the spelling KSA.

We hope that we have helped you choose the best professional resume writing service to help you conquer new heights.