ResumeEdge Review

Information as per April 2022
ResumeEdge Review
4.8 star
Minimum price:
from $100
Minimum deadline:
from 48 hours
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  • Writing Quality
    Writing Quality
    If you are looking for top-notch specialists to write your resume, ResumeEdge is a “go-to.” All writers the company offers are certified, professionals. We found zero grammar or style errors in our resume and were impressed with the number of keywords.
  • Service Quality
    Service Quality
    The Support Team works 24/7. Even on weekends could reach the support and get a quick and fulfilling consultation. After order placement, you can communicate directly with the writer and support team via chatbox. The company also offers phone consultations with writers.
  • Service Speed
    Service Speed
    You can get the resume newly written as fast as you need to. The ResumeEdge has 48 hours - 14 days deadline frames for all types of work. We got our service even a bit sooner, which might help if you need to correct anything or add new information.
  • Guarantees
    ResumeEdge provides only a 30-day interview invitation guarantee. You can ask for free revisions for 30 days after receiving any order. If you do not like the quality of resume writing, you are free to ask for a money refund, and they provide it upon the quality reviews.
  • Affordable prices
  • Flexible deadlines
  • Wide range of services
  • Certified resume writers
  • Customer support is available 24/7
  • Most of their client reviews are very high rated
  • 23+ years on the market of resume writing
  • Don’t have resume builder
  • Don’t provide customers with free resume critique service

ResumeEdge Summary

ResumeEdge is a service competent in writing resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and helping customers get their dream jobs.

The company’s story started back in 1998. Today they have a great team of well-experienced writers and behind-the-scenes staff, working as a solid mechanism to develop and improve their services.

ResumeEdge customer reviews reflect great results in achieving career goals by using the company’s assistance. The customers’ satisfaction rate reaches up to 98% showing that ResumeEdge members are professionals in their niche.

Anyone looking for a job as a ResumeEdge potential client can use their customer-oriented website. ResumeEdge reviews showcase the user-friendliness and convenience of ordering writing services from the website. It also contains a great deal of useful information and a section where you can meet the writers working in the company’s team.

ResumeEdge Available Services

The expert writers from the ResumeEdge team are ready to deliver services of creating and editing engaging resumes, writing cover letters, and composing perfect LinkedIn profiles to show the clients at their best and help them get the desired job position. The service offers to create resumes of different levels from entry to professional The competent ResumeEdge writers are experienced in composing resumes for professions in more than 40 industries.

resumeedge review

ResumeEdge Account Log-in and Check Out

ResumeEdge website is convenient and user-friendly so ordering a resume won’t cause any difficulties. Basically, to register and create an account, the customer commits an order, signing up the order information, chosen services, and contact information. Right after that, you’ll conduct payment and then contact your personal writer.

According to the customer reviews, the client sends the personal data and then connects with the writer to complement missing details and discuss suggestions and expectations. Such an individual approach makes customers feel engaged and satisfied, as well as improves the results. When the draft of the resume is done, the customer goes through an easy sign-in and finds it in the personal account. Overall, we can conclude that the registration and ordering process in the ResumeEdge website is made for customers to feel confident and comfortable.

ResumeEdge Scam & Cheat

Evaluating numerous customer reviews on ResumeEdge, we haven’t found any cheating mentioning. Users didn’t incorporate references to scam, on the contrary, they rather were greatly satisfied with the ResumeEdge services.

ResumeEdge Payment Opportunities

The payment procedure comes right after signing up and is convenient for customers. ResumeEdge writing service accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal payments.

In case the customer is not satisfied with the result, the service will find another writer who is able to meet the client’s needs. They promise to continue working on the best result until the orderer is satisfied. Generally, the services fees are not refundable, so there is no money back option.

Contacting ResumeEdge

The list of contacting options on ResumeEdge is vast, it considers different ways and reasons for appealing.

If you seek an immediate response, you can make a call at 888.438.2633 in the US, or start a chat.

If there is no need to immediately respond to your comment or message for support, you may choose the option of contacting the company via e-mail.

ResumeEdge Coupons & Promo

ResumeEdge coupons are made for the customers, so they know that the company takes care of them. For the clients who want to use resume writing services for the first time, there is a discount of 10%. Moreover, there is a ResumeEdge coupon code for the second-timers providing them with a 15% discount.

Social Reviews on ResumeEdge

Evaluating the social reviews of the users who worked with ResumeEdge on SiteJabber and Trustpilot platforms, these services give ResumeEdge 4.6-4.97 stars mark. The reviewers note that the writers working with them were brilliant and very understanding. The service is called excellent and very responsive. Even those who didn’t expect much became very satisfied, highlighting that the service was superb. The users with different needs and career stories emphasize that the writers at ResumeEdge are competent in what they do. Almost every review states that using the assistance of professional writers helped in getting the job.

ResumeEdge Security

The service provides its customers with the highest level of security and protects all the data users give while proceeding through the checkout. All personal information is encrypted and secure.

FAQ ResumeEdge

  • What is the price for resume writing and cover letter?

    ResumeEdge offers an advanced package that includes resume and cover letter writing that costs $140.

  • How much is it for LinkedIn profile editing and resume writing?

    There is a package on the ResumeEdge website containing resume, cover letter writing as well as LinkedIn profile editing that costs $215.

  • Can I order a follow-up letter from ResumeEdge? How much is it?

    There is an all-inclusive package that contains a resume, cover letter writing, LinkedIn profile editing, a follow-up or “thank you” letter, as well as the high priority status of your order. The price of this package is $240.

ResumeEdge Services’ Speed

How fast you will receive the first draft of your resume depends on your time frame. Generally, the first draft of the resume appears in your personal account in 7 days after you shared all the necessary data with your writer.

But if you are in a hurry, you may choose an express delivery option to receive the first draft of your document in 48 hours.

ResumeEdge vs TopResume

The most obvious difference between those two services is the price. TopResume prices are almost 2 times higher. The Resume+Cover letter package at ResumeEdge will cost you around $140 or even lower when the price point for the same package at TopResume will start from $219.

The good thing about the ResumeEdge price policy is that the price will always rely on customers’ deadline frames or levels. At TopResume, it doesn’t matter if you are just a recent graduate without experience or a top executive. You will be charged equally high, even though the amount of work implied differs.

Both TopResume and ResumeEdge have a great variety of writers available. They claim to find expert experience in each customer’s 65 most popular hitches. However, ResumeEdge hires only professionally certified resume writers when TopResume does not require certification from their experts, which can influence the writing quality sometimes.

If you need your resume fast and you need it well-written, then you should definitely order at ResumeEdge. TopResume delivers the first resume draft in 1 week, while ResumeEdge can send you the finished product within 48 hours.

The Final Word on ResumeEdge

Considering all the information above and evaluating the actual customer reviews on ResumeEdge writing and editing services, we can make a conclusion that it is worth working with. After receiving assistance from professional resume writers from ResumeEdge, most clients got their dream jobs, and this is the most valuable indicator to consider.

The services ResumeEdge offer are of high quality. This company has many advantages and makes their customers greatly satisfied with the results their works bring.

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