VelvetJobs Review

VelvetJobs Review
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VelvetJobs markets itself as a leading innovator in career transition, top outplacement, and employer branding service. Outplacement services are offered to employees who have been affected by involuntary separations.

VelvetJobs career transition service serves as a coaching program to assist separated employees in landing their next positions. Therefore, we sought to determine the reliability of VelvetJobs in delivering on its promises and conducted the following review.

Overview of the VelvetJobs Services

VelvetJobs outplacement agency is intended to offer assistance to employees in locating new work. The service should include advice on job search and pay expectations, resume review, training on interview skill sets, career assessments, and personalized coaching.

Here is an overview of the key features that characterize VelvetJobs:

  • Founded by Pavel Krapivin;
  • Price charged ranges from $199;
  • No discounts offered;
  • Deadlines vary from two days upwards;
  • Guaranteed interview invitation.

Special Features of VelvetJobs Service

VelvetJobs outplacement and writer service focuses on employees who are shocked by work termination. Whether the employees have been warned of the possibility of a layoff before being let go or not, the implications of the final day at work and the uncertainty that surrounds the job-search process can be stressful. Resume writer companies like VelvetJobs give any interested candidate a lifeline to focus their attention on by offering immediate outplacement service for pay.

VelvetJobs offers a range of writer services for pay, including resume support and assistance in matching professionals with hiring managers. As a candidate, you get help with improving your work application skills and benefit from professional coaching, writers, and career guidance services.

Also, the VelvetJobs writer agency has created a massive database of resources and articles to assist employers and job seekers in finding the right solutions in the workplace. The well-researched articles offer valuable details to any candidate relating to the skill sets and competencies that employers seek and information on how to ace the job application process.

Our review of the writer’s website shows that job seekers may find some helpful information there, while other resources may not have the details you need to grow your skillset. That said, the website does an exceptional job concerning sharing information and assisting a candidate according to each order or task.

Range of Service Offered

Based on our review, VelvetJobs is unlike most writer agencies online. In addition to offering resume skill help, the company also provides career guidance, resources, and coaching. If you consider using the outplacement service, understand that this is not a personal shopper that makes all your job applications for you. However, other than making sure your resume task is in the right format, don’t expect to pay the company to submit applications on your behalf.

Instead, our review found that VelvetJobs offers career coaching services and has hired expert coaches to work with job seekers to overcome significant obstacles in finding new jobs. When using the website, expect to get help building a stronger personal brand and working on your networking and interviewing skills. The agency also has expert writers to help any candidate manage the emotional challenges of losing employment.

Although VelvetJobs offers writing skill assistance to jobseekers willing to pay, the expert service is limited to CV and cover letter assistance. This means that those who need help in other areas, such as finetuning LinkedIn profiles, may seek assistance elsewhere.

Price, Offers, and Discounts

It is impossible to create an informative review of the VelvetJobs expert writer platform without considering the price for each task. Most candidates who need outplacement expert services struggle financially, making price a crucial factor in deciding whether to seek writing help. If you don’t know how to format your resume, this is a good place to look.

The company under review offers three unique package sets intended to appeal to different types of jobseekers. The cheapest package is the entry-level pro option, which is priced at $199. The executive package is at the higher end of the spectrum, which requires users to spend $459 to get service. The challenge, however, is that the entry-level options lack some crucial functionalities and could mean that your document is delivered later than desired.

Based on our review, the price charged by VelvetJobs on each package is much higher than what other websites charge. If you consider that the expert writing service does not include add-ons like help with LinkedIn profiles, the prices may be unjustifiable. That said, you can expect your task to be completed on time, and the writers have the right skill sets to deliver.

Effectiveness of Customer Services

Expert outplacement and writer service emphasize personal coaching and branding, where experienced coaches guide jobseekers to create unique branding strategies to boost their prospects. VelvetJobs review indicates that its mandate is to help job seekers by offering to write and format their resumes.

The writer service goes well beyond offering access to job boards and skill resume writing. The agency under review indicates that it has coaches whose task is to help jobseekers to transition successfully. To order, you will need to reach out to the customer agents.

During our review task, we assessed the competence of the writing company’s customer representatives. While the responses from the agency were friendly, our review found it inconvenient that one can only reach out to the support team through email or on the website.

If you need someone to write and format your document, note that the platform resume writer does not support phone calls or live chats. This means that users cannot access instant assistance when they need to order a task or choose a package. That said, the VelvetJobs order support service is very friendly and professional. However, you cannot rely on the agency to write your resume if you have urgent issues to discuss.

Website Usability

Another essential feature of an expert outplacement and writer service considered for this review is the usability of its website. While the VelvetJobs writing website is not impressive in its design, it loads fast and is ideal for a candidate who needs someone to write and format a document fast.

That said, the VelvetJobs order design fails to impress and does not do much to make customers want to choose a package from the service. So again, this is an area that could benefit from some improvement. Also, there is not much information on the website about the expert writer task services offered by VelvetJobs.

Summary: Is VelvetJobs Legit

Based on our review, VelvetJobs is a legit outplacement and writer service. We reviewed all the elements of the expert service and were impressed by the quality of work delivered. However, some elements ought to be improved for higher customer satisfaction rates. For instance, the website design and the customer service department need some work. VelvetJobs is a legit company but may not be the best writing platform to order someone to write your applications.