iHire Review

Information as per September 2022
4 star
Minimum price:
from $395
Minimum deadline:
from 5-7 b/d
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  • Successful job search service
  • The subscription you can cancel
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Many ways to contact the company
  • Reviews of the company cause mistrust
  • No refund policy
  • Is it secure for users?

iHire Summary

IHire is a multitasking platform. It is not very popular compared to other, more experienced companies. The brand has tried to combine many functions to simplify the user’s life.

iHire Website

IHire can get you lost in the first seconds of visiting a web page. There is no information about prices, sometimes you can find out about the resume writing service during a long search. And in the list of services, you will not find resume writing services at all, only a builder.

When trying to combine many tasks at the same time, the platform created too busy text, in which navigation can also be difficult.

iHire Services

IHire is a combination of many sites that are so necessary when looking for a job. You can see services like:

  • Resume Builder is a tool that helps you build your perfect resume with hints.
  • Company search. iHire is a platform that will help you find jobs and companies that need you.
  • Interested Employer. It is a feature that allows iHire employees to directly contact the client if they find a vacancy that suits them. There is a similar service that allows you to send suitable vacancies to your mail.
  • Blog. The iHire platform maintains its blog, called “Resource center” on the page. That is the place where you can gain more experience on how to write a resume properly and how to do interviews better.
  • Resume writing. Unfortunately, iHire did not make resume writing its main service, so you don’t see this service very often.

When working with the service, it is very easy to get lost and find yourself in one of “iHireAdmin.com”, one of the company’s subsidiaries. The brand thus wanted to facilitate job searches and created separate portals for different professions. However, in reality, this often confuses users.

iHire Account Login and Order (Sign-In & Sign-Up)

All you need to register is your email and password. You do not have to buy anything to become a website’s user.

To order a resume writing service, you must pay for the service. You will then receive a confirmation email containing a questionnaire. You will need to fill in everything to the maximum because this will help the authors to get to know you better. Some sources, however, say that these questionnaires are too large and take more than 8 pages.

iHire Prices and Guarantees

The Job Seeker Package subscription costs $10, and the Employer Package subscription costs $20. It is these services that allow you to be notified of suitable vacancies.

The resume writing service is the only document writing service. Unfortunately, you won’t get cover letters. This service is ordered most often along with a resume. However, iHire does not provide such an opportunity.

The resume writing package will set you back $395. As soon as you pay for the service and fill out the questionnaire, the author begins his work. The service claims that the product is ready in 5-7 days.

iHire says that they will work on the bugs until you are happy. It means you will no longer receive money back, but you can correct your resume.

iHire Contact & Support

The company is ready for customer questions, and this is very good. They have a chat and a phone number on their website. The support team is not available on weekends. Support is available Monday through Friday until 5.30 pm. IHAIR is available at (877) 316-4176. You can also use the chat. If your question is not too urgent, then you can email the company.

iHire Discounts

The platform offers new users a free subscription for 14 days. Thus, consumers will be able to understand whether this service suits them.

iHire Social Reviews

Overall, Sitejabber and Trustpilot show a good solid 4 for excellent services. However, they rarely concern resume writing services. Subscriptions that help you find a job have become more popular on the platform:

“Great site!

I am really happy that we found this site. As everyone knows, it is hard to find good help these days. So being on IHIRE has helped out tremendously. We have already hired our first employee through this site and look forward to hiring more soon. Also, the customer service department is absolutely amazing!”

However, not everyone liked this service. Many users complain about spam and distribution of user data:

“I fell for their scam. As soon as I signed up as a Legal Worker I began receiving all sorts of text scams. They don’t tell the job hunters that there is a fee/subscription to find jobs on their sight until after they harvest your personal information. BEWARE!!”

One platform decided to check out the services of this company, so they ordered a resume writing service. The results are not so good:

“Took 18 days to hear from our resume writer

Required to fill out an eight-page questionnaire”

iHire Reddit Review

Reddit rarely talks about the service. However, people do not rate the quality of the service too well:

“Honestly, I would just go with the big job listing sites (Monster, etc). These sites are usually out to milk desperate people for money. You may get lucky and if you’ve explored all other avenues/options, then I guess you have no choice.”

iHire FAQ

  • Is iHire safe?

    Unfortunately, the company does not talk about what principles the company adheres to provide secure access for customers.

  • Is it pricey?

    The service for writing a resume on the AYHAIR website is above average. Due to the price and the fact that the service does not mention this service very few people decide to use it. That is why you do not often see reviews of this brand.

  • When will my resume from iHire will be done?

    Your resume will be ready in 5-7 days. You cannot change the deadline.

Our Verdict

We believe that iHire is not the best resume writing platform. People come for a subscription service. As a result, the company itself does not pay much attention to this service. Therefore, you cannot expect a high-quality document.