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resume spice review

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Is ResumeSpice Worth it?

This service is designed for professional resume writing, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and other services. In addition, the company claims that it can help with the choice of work if the client has not decided yet.

The company was originally founded by Marsha Murray and Keith Wolf, who ran the top recruiting firm Murray Resources. They felt that their business was too narrowly focused and did not have any contact with those who were looking for work. So they created coaching and resume writing team.

ResumeSpice Services

The company offers a variety of services, from resume writing and cover letters, to interview preparation assistance. For those clients who have jobs, Resumespice can offer to coach to improve salary and work skills. Besides, the team can help if the client wants to change the job. The platform arranges meetings to find the best options for the customer.

ResumeSpice Scam and Cheat

Judging by the large number of reviews left on different social networks as well as on the Resumespice website, we can conclude that the company cares about its reputation. There is no information on cheating.

ResumeSpice Social Media Review

If you study the Trustpilot platform in detail, you will find only a few dissatisfied reviews. The most recent unsatisfied customers were answered by the co-founder of the company herself, offering to correct the mistake.

ResumeSpice Cost

Before the registration itself, you need to choose the level of service that suits your needs. There are 3 tariffs in total. The minimal, entry-level resume, which costs $ 409, is suitable for beginners with minimal work experience. A more professional resume will cost $ 110 more. Finally, a resume for senior positions such as marketing director, president, etc. will cost $ 629.

resumespice price

The platform accepts many payment systems:

  • Visa
  • Amex
  • MasterCard
  • Discover

The company also offers JobApply service packages that will help professionals who require high wages to look for work. The ResumeSpice platform does not have any discounts or coupons. Instead, the company claims to have set the most loyal prices.

ResumeSpice Moneyback

The company does not have a refund policy. However, they have “60 days of the guarantor”. This rule says that if you have not been sent an invitation for an interview within 2 months, then the company will have to redo your resume at no additional cost.

The company’s prices differ from similar services in that they are much higher. Such costs must correspond to an appropriate level of service.

ResumeSpice Services’ Speed

After paying for the necessary services, a letter comes to the mail informing you about the next steps. The buyer must fill out a short questionnaire, as well as schedule a consultation for the resume.

The company selects a writer, he prepares for the meeting, and already at the consultation itself, a large number of questions await the client to determine the writing styles and the necessary information. After this conversation, experts, based on the buyer’s responses, prepare a rough draft of the resume within two business days. After approval and all kinds of edits, the file is improved and becomes complete.

Career With ResumeSpice

Even though neither the Glassdoor platform nor LinkedIn can provide accurate information about working for this company, there are many reviews about it. The employees themselves speak positively about ResumeSpice, however, they note that it is mostly a difficult sole job, there is not much cohesion.

ResumeSpice Pros and Cons

The advantages of this company are obvious:

  • 5 years of experience in writing a resume that will be competitive in the job market
  • Quick response and document writing
  • A vibrant feedback system that keeps this platform at the top
  • Desire to increase the company’s rating at the expense of satisfied customers
  • Fast response and readiness of the resume in 2 working days

However, there are more confirmed disadvantages, which indicate the following:

  • Resume Spice works only in English, lacking competence in other languages
  • Expensive cost of services, compared to the similar platforms
  • No refund system

General Opinion on ResumeSpice

Overall, the company copes with its task and tries to be the first. What is missing, however, is accurate numbers on other platforms that would attest to the professionalism of ResumeSpice. Their company is located in Houston, and you can ask any questions by writing to them at [email protected]