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Information as per April 2022
topresume review
3.8 star
Minimum price:
from $149
Minimum deadline:
from from 48 hours
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  • Writing Quality
    Writing Quality
    TopResume has an extensive variety of writers, both plus and minus. The pros are that your order will always be accepted. The cons are that TopResume does not offer only certified writers, which means that your document might come with some mistakes and tweaks.
  • Service Quality
    Service Quality
    Due to the huge amount of orders, the support team is usually overloaded. It can take a few hours or even days to reach the agent on the phone or via email. You can directly communicate with the writer via chat, but the phone call is unavailable.
  • Service Speed
    Service Speed
    Resume writing takes from one to two weeks. You can't choose the deadline, but for additional price you can ask for to have the first draft within 48 hours and if you are lucky finish process without edit. If you bought regular package, you need to wait for 4-7 days for the first draft. However, they always deliver the resume shortly after they have all the necessary info so that the process might speed up.
  • Guarantees
    The company offers a 60 days interview guarantee and promises to rewrite your resume if you do not get two times more invitations. However, only certain packages are eligible for this guarantee. The refund is not available, but there are plenty of free revisions.
  • The cheapest resume writing package costs $149 and consists only of the written resume.
  • 60 days interview guarantee.
  • It is possible to contact the service via email, directly on the website, or via phone call in case of urgency.
  • Free resume review.
  • No refund policy.
  • No available information about deadlines.
  • There is no KSA, or follow up letters options.

TopResume Summary

TopResume is one of the largest resume-writing services in the world. The company was founded back in 2014 and since then gained a formidable reputation. They claim their writers to be experienced in more than 65 different industries, as well as having career coaches, hiring managers, and recruiters.

top resume review

TopResume Website Review and Account Log-In

To create an account on the TopResume website, it is required to make a purchase. The website is both quite straightforward and contains a lot of information. There are no difficulties if the customer needs to find the main options and services. At the same time, if one wishes to find out some extra information, rest assured that it provides even more. Probably, the main reason for it is the number of different reviews from clients and writers.

TopResume Services

As a pretty famous resume-writing service, TopResume provides many different options, including writing a resume, composing a cover letter, and LinkedIn account.

During the process, the writer works one-on-one with the customer, crafting a decent career story, which corresponds to the aims of the client. The resume will be optimized for passing through the ATS (Applicant tracking system) and attracting employers’ attention. And last, but not least, the company provides an expert resume review free of charge.

TopResume Costs and Payment Opportunities

TopResume offers three service packages, which differ in the number of services and prices. If the first and the cheapest one costs 149$ and solely consists of an expert-written resume, the most expensive one (349$) includes a resume, a cover letter, and a LinkedIn account, composed directly by an executive writer. The last and the most popular service package consists of a resume and a cover letter that will cost 219$.

The payment is available through Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discovery, and more. Moreover, sometimes the company suggests getting a discount, with the special code on the website. Worth mentioning, that the purchase can be divided into monthly payments.

TopResume Guarantees

Unfortunately for the clients, the company has a no-refund policy. To ensure the client’s satisfaction, writers from TopResume provide multiple resume revisions. If the customer didn’t get any interviews after 60 days from receiving the resume, TopResume states they will rewrite the resume free of charge. The customer has to inform them about writing within 180 days of receiving the final copy of the resume. However, this option is available only with certain service packages.

TopResume Safety and Security

Considering the area of services offered by TopResume, the customer shouldn’t be impressed that they collect personal information. Though the company collects it, they also state that they have a team dedicated to implementing measures to ensure data protection and testing for vulnerabilities.

In the privacy policy, they guarantee that they will only retain personal information as long as it’s necessary for achieving the original purpose they were collected for. Top Resume claims they will never sell personal data to advertisers and third parties.

How to Contact TopResume

Contacting TopResume is possible in many ways, including filling the form right on the website or via email. If the customer wants to get an immediate answer, there is a possibility to call 1-800-604-1929 in the US.

TopResume can be also found on social media, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

TopResume Reviews on Social Media

TopResume has a decent reputation and the best part of clients is satisfied. Such platforms as Sitejabber and Trustpilot give it a 4.36 stars mark, which is quite a good result.

On top of that, the reviewers highlight that the support responds quickly and the writers are efficient. Many of their previous customers call TopResume an excellent service and admit that it really helped them in getting their job. In some reviews, it’s also possible to see gratitude to some particular writers, which is another sign of quality.

However, before purchasing services from TopResume, the customer should understand that not everyone is satisfied with the results. Some clients won’t use TopResume again and wouldn’t recommend using it to anyone else.

TopResume Scam & Cheat

Despite the number of positive reviews exceeding those of negative ones, this is still extremely necessary information. Though some reviewers even called TopResume service a scam, there are no signs of that because all the cases follow the company’s policy and don’t violate it in any way.

In many reviews, the main problem is not scamming, but the quality. Some people complain about the quality of the written resumes, stating that the service was of no (or minimal) use. Also, there are reviewers that note cases with grammar mistakes or even telling their written resumes were not appropriate, due to lack of knowledge about the industry. Not a few of them even state their original resumes were better and doubt the overall worthiness of the service. The rest are complaining about the price, which didn’t justify the expected quality.

TopResume Reddit Review

The best part of reviewers on Reddit is greatly unsatisfied with the services they received from TopResume. According to them, the previously mentioned option of free resume critique happens to work inappropriately, highlighting the same mistakes regardless of the resume itself.

FAQ TopResume

  • What if the client applies for an academic or a governmental job?

    TopResume has special offers that relate to writing federal resumes, academic CVs, and military transition resumes.

  • How to collaborate with your writer?

    The process of writing is collaborative and confidential between the client and the writer. All communications are done via the secured dashboard. If the client prefers telephone communication, one can add it to the resume package for an additional fee.

  • How does TopResume get the necessary information?

    Usually, the writer composes a new resume based on the old one, which is a primary source of information. If the customer doesn’t have a resume, the writer provides a brief questionnaire that will help to get all the necessary data to start creating a resume.

TopResume VS ZipJob

It is almost tight when it gets to choosing between ZipJob and TopResume services. The TopResume is definitely on the highest price side as their minimum package, which includes only resume writing, costs 149$. On the other hand, ZipJob offers the same package for 139$ but has much lower prices for bundles.

Unlike TopResume, ZipJob provides free resume critique and also does it completely for free. That can help if you are not sure whether your resume needs a complete makeover or you can save your money so something else.

ZipJob is also a tiny bit faster in delivering the final product. For a completed resume at ZipJob, you will need to wait for at least 5 days, whereas with TopResume, it can take up to 1 week.

Despite higher prices, TopResume provides very good quality documents. For example, you can rarely find mistakes or tweaks in their resumes, while ZipJob writers might miss some important points in the final product.

At the same time, both services are expensive and time-consuming, especially regarding communication with the support team. If you have 140$ to spend on resume writing and have time to wait, you’d better connect TopResume for quality and writers’ variety. However, there are other services, for example, Resumeedge, where for that price you can get a resume and cover letter written by the same certified writers within 5 days.

TopResume Conclusion

Due to many various reviews, it’s hard to tell if TopResume is really worth it. However, judging from the numbers of positive reviews it’s possible to conclude that the service is indeed efficient, at least for the best part of customers. On the other hand, it would be very unpleasant to become one of those who aren’t satisfied.

As a matter of fact, some reviewers think that your future experience with TopResume depends only on the writer, who can be either a qualified professional or not.

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