Let’s Eat, Grandma Review

Information as per September 2022
4.1 star
Minimum price:
from $399
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  • Bright website design
  • Good blog articles
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  • Pricey
  • 7-day deadline only
  • No refunds

Let’s Eat, Grandma Summary

Let’s Eat, Grandma is a rather sensational resume writing service. Internet users immediately managed to note their unusual name, which has nothing to do with writing a resume. Besides, the company chooses a rather bold and even daring way of presenting the information. These cartoonish pictures have no relation to the topic of writing a resume. However, this was precisely the highlight of the company. But is the acclaimed platform a good service?

Let’s Eat, Grandma Prices and Services

The first thing you encounter on the platform is inflated prices. The cost of services is above average. Usually, this price is since the service has been in this area for many years. Let’s eat, grandma is a relative newcomer, and so the high prices show confidence in the service. In fact, despite the successful blog, the platform does not have such success in the resume writing service.

The Starter Package will set you back $399. The company will provide you with a half-hour consultation with the author, as well as two free revisions. It is the cheapest package.

Usually, a standard resume package contains not only this document but also a cover letter. On the Let’s Eat, Grandma platform, such a service will cost you $500. The company also gives you a guide to Cold Emails & Thank-You Notes.

The premium package includes a resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile rewriting. Its cost is 689 dollars. In this case, you will also receive a guide to Cold Emails & Thank-You Notes.

However, the most expensive service on the Let’s Eat, Grandma platform is the Executive Concierge Service. This unique service costs $1,900. The set includes an hour session with the author and the absence of any questionnaires for the client. The client cooperates with one of the best authors of the company, communicating many times more than other service packages can provide. Likewise, you can make an infinite number of edits in 10 days.

Let’s Eat, Grandma Website

Let’s Eat, Grandma differs from other resume writing services in its unusual design. The site can definitely grab your attention with a bright yellow that will be present almost everywhere. However, the interaction process can sometimes be difficult. The platform is heavily crammed with various information that is hard to distinguish in bright colors.

Let’s Eat, Grandma Ordering

You can easily find and add to the basket the service you need. However, before proceeding to the payment window, you will be offered another service – Smart Job Search, which, according to the platform, makes it much easier to find a job. However, the disadvantage of such a service is that it is like background advertising. What’s more, you will not find such a service anywhere else on their website. The Smart Job Search service is vague and does not show real examples and results.

After paying for your order, you will receive a questionnaire by mail, which you must fill out to find a good author. After you decide on the time and day, a half-hour consultation will await you, where you will talk with the author and be able to analyze the controversial points in more detail if any.

After that, the author gets to work. What made me sad was the constant deadline of the platform. Only 7 days, no more and no less. There is no way you can change this, so you will have to choose another service in case you need the documents soon.

Let’s Eat, Grandma Refund Policy

Let’s Eat, Grandma will allow you to return the money, but only in the first three days after the purchase. You can cancel your order for any reason, whatever they may be – and you will be refunded. However, this is only valid for 3 days, and you will not be able to get a refund in case of complete disappointment. The company does not process refund requests from those customers whose orders have already started working.

Let’s Eat, Grandma Contact And Support

Unfortunately, Let’s Eat, Grandma does not provide a choice in how to contact them. You can only do this by emailing [email protected]. The platform will not allow you to communicate otherwise, since the site does not have a chat, and the company’s phone number is simply missing.

Let’s Eat, Grandma Promos

One of the free services that Let’s Eat, Grandma provides is the critique of your resume. The result looks rather mediocre and does not indicate important errors. The company follows the rules and opens only a part of the errors and opportunities to new users.

Let’s Eat, Grandma may also provide discounts and promotions on product sets.

One of the possibilities is a referral bonus upon registration.

And finally, you can make your loved ones happy and give them a gift card worth from $100 to $1900.

Let’s Eat, Grandma Social Reviews

Unfortunately, Let’s Eat, Grandma has not yet become a popular service. Therefore, there are not very many reviews on the quality of service. However, Trustpilot shows good results from the very beginning: there are practically no negative reviews on the platform:

“I had an amazing experience with my resume writer. Let’s Eat Grandma provides efficient and top-notch resume writing services. If you want a quality resume in short order, these folks can’t be beat!”

However, the Resume Writers Review platform published a not-too-flattering critique of the service, calling it unremarkable.

Let’s Eat, Grandma FAQ

  • How Quickly Will My Resume Be Ready?

    In 7 days only. Unfortunately, the company does not give you a choice in the desired date of completion. If you choose Let’s Eat Grandma, then make sure you can set aside a week to get your resume written.

  • Is Let’s Eat, Grandma Secure?

    Unfortunately, the company does not talk about the security measures taken to ensure a comfortable and anonymous cooperation with customers.

  • How Much Does It Cost to Get a Resume from Let’s Eat, Grandma?

    The cheapest service will set you back $400, which is well above the average price for resume writing services. The company promises, however, a special attitude towards customers and the high professionalism of its authors. The most frequent set (Resume + Cover letter) will cost you about $500.

Our Verdict

We believe that Let’s Eat, Grandma remains an unpopular service due to its prices. Many platforms provide a more attractive price-quality ratio. For example, Let’s Eat, Grandma does not make your resume special. They do everything according to patterns and rules, trying not to stand out too much. These are the basics of resume writing that are not worth paying a lot of money for.

Besides, the established deadline of 7 days may not be suitable at all. Most resume writing services deliver orders much faster.

It is a little strange that the company does not provide any guarantees for its work. In addition, they will not refund your money after three days from the service’s purchase date. Such conditions increasingly undermine the trust of future customers.

Let’s Eat, Grandma is a good service, but customers prefer more proven and popular options that offer better conditions.