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Information as per April 2022
3.8 star
Minimum price:
from $119
Minimum deadline:
from 48 hours
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  • Writing Quality
    Writing Quality
    ResumeGets cares about the quality of their writer, but you can’t control everything. We have received a customized and tailored to a level resume, but rather cluttered with information. Our experts wish their resumes were shorter and had much more white space.
  • Service Quality
    Service Quality
    The communication process with the support team and writer might take some time. Once the writer starts to work on your resume, they will send you an email. If you need any assistance, you can write an email or text in the message box to get an email answer.
  • Service Speed
    Service Speed
    Once you place an order, you can expect it ready within 2, 3, or 5 days depending on the selected urgency. They can also deliver your order faster for an extra price. We wanted to get it in 2 days, and the first draft of the resume came without delays.
  • Guarantees
    The biggest drawback is that this company does not provide any interview guarantees and might not return you the money back if you are strongly dissatisfied. They offer to work with you as long as you need until you are 100% satisfied instead.
  • The minimum deadline begins at 48 hours.
  • Free unlimited resume revisions are guaranteed for 45 days.
  • For $149, the basic package includes assistance with the resume and cover letter.
  • Refunds are available.
  • Federal Resume Writing, KSA, or Military to Civilian Resume Writing are not offered by the service.

Executive Summary of ResumeGets

The success of online companies depends entirely on how they handle clients. Various reviews will tell more about the worth of a company or why it isn’t okay to hire the said assistant. Thus, it is crucial to have first-hand info about the writing assistant before you opt for any service.For instance, should you trust a writer from ResumeGets to manage your copies? Read through this review to determine if it is worth hiring.

ResumeGets offers help to candidates in need of resume writing solutions. If you don’t understand the proper guidelines for managing professional documents, you can opt for help from such an expert.

resumegets review

With the help of ResumeGets, you are sure of securing the proper support to succeed in your career. In addition, they provide relevant help to boost your chances of securing an interview within the next few days after submitting your applications.

A candidate should prove to have the relevant skill for any particular job opening advertised. Luckily, the service will present you with a writer to write any copy from any career field. The writing process will commence as soon as you complete your order and make payments for your package.

Additionally, you can reach out to them at any time, whether day or night and still, receive the recommended help from their expert team.

Service Review: What You Need to Know About

Hiring a writer from ResumeGets has both its advantages and disadvantages. You will be much safer if you understand what the service is all about and how they operate.

This review makes it easy to realize that ResumeGets is among the best assistants to manage your task. And why is that so?

Who Is Suitable to Pay for a Service at Resumegets?

Any candidate in need of career advice or a writer can opt for such from this writing service. Luckily, they guarantee quality solutions to help boost your career success. Besides, their team will format your resume to fit the requirements of recruiters and beat the ATS. Find out more about that from this review!

Online Reputation

Clients provide positive remarks about this service. The company prides itself on quality service delivery. Every expert will write top-notch copies to clients who lack the skill to do so. As such, they expect to get positive remarks from clients.

UI/UX Rating

What is the UI rating? Does it have any relevance to clients in need of services from any online assistant? Here is a review of the rating for

How Do We Rate the User Interface?

The service uses a simple ordering process, making it easy for clients to access help within the recommended time frame. Relying on such an assistant also allows the candidate to pay for urgent requests without wasting time. Nonetheless, you should confirm the price first.

Review About Service Features Present at ResumeGets

Top-Quality Deliveries

ResumeGets has a team of over 100 professional experts to deal with your tasks. In addition, there is a writer from every career field. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry about the person going to manage your order.

Through our research, we noted a more significant percentage of clients praising this service. The cause of this is as a result of quality resume writing solutions.

Resume Writers Certification

Each member works hand in hand with the team of writers to ensure that they deliver nothing but exceptional solutions. They are well trained with experience both in school and field. Luckily, this review is here to prove that.

Besides, is it true that they provide free sample copies for clients to check on the quality? Yes! You can also request for such to prove if the writer has the skill to write your task.

Interview Guarantees

Every copy that you get will help move you one step closer to your career success. The experts can write copies worth attracting the employers. You are sure of an interview invitation within the next 45 days after application. Wow! Is this not a relief for any candidate urgently seeking a job?

Quick Guides on How to Use ResumeGets

First, you select the most suitable package that fits your order requirements. Then, you can upload the CV or fill in an online form. Be keen not to leave behind a skill relevant to the vacancy. After, you can submit the request to the expert.

You’ll engage with the writer as you provide suggestions or changes relevant to the task. With this unique approach, you are sure to receive the best copies of your order.

Brief Review on Price Offers and Chargeable Fees at ResumeGets

How does ResumeGets price its services?

Pricing Plans

  • Standard Service – $ 149

Here, the candidate gets help with their resume and cover letter.

  • Advanced – $ 259

An expert writer can deliver a resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile development services with this package.

  • Full Makeover – $ 349

A complete makeover includes resume writing, cover letter, LinkedIn profile management, e-cover letter, and a thank you letter.

Refund Policy

ResumeGets allows candidates to request refunds for unworthy deliveries. Ensure that you follow the correct procedures when making the requests.

Quick Review on Offers and Extra Services From ResumeGets

Besides timely deliveries, ResumeGets allows individuals to request unlimited revisions for any order that didn’t satisfy their demands. With this, you can master the recommended skill for managing such paperwork. Funny enough, there’s no price tag for this service. So, you won’t pay anything. If at all the revision still doesn’t comply, you can request refunds.

Can You Talk to the Writer or Support Staff Any Time?

The candidate gets a one on one interaction with the expert. With that, you can present the proper format for use in your task. Also, you can confirm if you forget to indicate a particular skill relevant to the job opening. The support team is there to guide clients and assist in navigating the platform.


  1. Is Legit?

Yes! ResumeGets is legit. First, it offers money-back guarantees. No one will refund money if their services aren’t genuine.

  1. How Much Does ResumeGets Cost?

The price of your order varies with the package that you select. Therefore, understand your demands first before you pick one. After, the expert will take charge of your orders.

Earlier in this review, we provided a section that shows the packages you can secure and their charges.

  1. Does ResumeGets Work Offline?

The writer will engage with you through email. Such a thing is crucial for checking the progress of your task and allowing the assistant to include missing traits relevant to the job.

  1. ResumeGets Service Speed

Every writer at ResumeGets works to ensure that they receive your orders on time. With such a trait, candidates won’t fail to present their copies on time. We took time to prove that before drafting this review for the public to prevent you from any last-minute rushes.

  1. Is Resumegets Worth Choosing?

You should consider the quality of reports before hiring any assistant. ResumeGets is worthy of your pay because they will deliver an expert to manage your task by adhering to the right format.

Communication Channels

What if you want to reach out to members working at If you think that this is impossible, then here is something to help you out!

  • Email/Help Desk

The email desk at ResumeGets is always ready to receive your messages and respond ASAP.

Talk to them to help you review their services before hiring them.

  • FAQs/Forums

There is a FAQ section to keep the business alive. Clients will always have something to ask. With this section, individuals can request verifications on particular issues concerning the service.

  • Knowledge Base

The company has six years of experience in delivering writing solutions and career advice to clients. With that, you can’t deny that each writer has every relevant skill and knowledge of handling any task.

  • Phone Support

There is a contact number you can secure from their online platform. Candidates with urgent requests can reach out to the team for a quicker response and guidelines about the best package and pay.

  • 24/7;

There is a live rep to handle your complaints all around the clock. Working with ResumeGets assures you that you are never alone. The customer help team will handle your claims and guide you to find the best writer to format your task. Also, request a review of the service to assess its worth.

  • Chat

You can chat with the help team through a live platform. In addition, you can make urgent requests for any order in progress or customize your copy with the particular job.

Moreover, you will receive an automated message if the team is out for a break, requesting your email for later communication.


Such a company is one beneficial online expert service you can’t afford to leave behind in your career journey. Each assistant has the relevant skill to handle all your resume needs.

Also, every candidate is sure of career advice if lost while seeking the right path. You’ll pay for the services, and the team will handle all your requests.

With this review, you can prove that they are worth hiring. But remember, your safety comes first. So, you must be sure that you know the writer or service provider in detail before you hire any assistance. Doing that helps to protect you from falling victim to scams.

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