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the muse review
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  • The cheapest package, which includes a resume review and a 30-minute phone consultation, costs $119. The cost varies depending on the expert: $119 for a mentor, $225 for a coach, and $479 for a master coach.
  • Career coaching is available, as well as guidance on leadership development and developing a job search strategy.
  • The services are delivered in about two weeks. There is no room for urgent cases.
  • There is no guarantee that you will be invited to an interview.
  • Clients can only contact the support team via email or by submitting a ticket if they have already purchased the company's services.
  • The selection of resume writing services is limited. There are no special features such as KSA, Federal Resume, and so on.
  • There are no refunds available.
  • There are no resume examples provided.

The Muse Overview

The Muse is a New York-based company that provides a comprehensive platform to help people find jobs. This service was founded in 2011 and is constantly evolving, adding information about new companies, their values, and current openings to their website. The Muse writers have compiled a blog with articles to help you prepare necessary paperwork and interviews to improve the job application process.

In addition, in 2016, they launched professional career coaches, which help increase the chances of a successful interview invitation. This review is about all the advantages and disadvantages of The Muse coaching services.

What are The Muse Services?

In total, The Muse has 12 coaching services. However, the filters for finding a suitable expert in all services are the same. The platform offers a choice for different budgets, based on which the applicant can choose a mentor, coach, or master coach. Another critical factor is the career stage. The Muse coaches provide services for everyone: new graduate, early-career, mid-career, and executive. You can set filters yourself on the site, which speeds up finding a suitable expert. As for specialization, there are 50 areas in which coaches specialize. You can also see the complete list right away.


The most popular services are:

  • Summary review
  • Resume and LinkedIn review
  • Individual consultation with coach lasting 30 minutes
  • Individual consultation with a coach on job-hunting techniques


Additional services include:

  • Resume + LinkedIn profiling + interview success tips
  • Tips for effective networking
  • Cover letter writing
  • Interview tips
  • Leadership Development
  • Negotiating process advice
  • Consulting for new managers
  • Help for those who do not know how to find their recognition

The Muse Sign-In & Sign-Up

The brand has created a convenient registration process. The job seeker can do this via Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, or email, so you can sign up and log into your account in seconds. The user can add a photo, current job, summary, and LinkedIn profile to the personal account. In addition, the account will display the last resume created on the platform, which the applicant can immediately send to the company’s website.


After registration, The Muse directs the job seeker to a page with leading questions about the visitor’s desire. Based on these answers, the company offers its services. We appreciate how intuitive the registration process is and how the site directs job seekers to the right services right away, after which they can already place an order.


When users decide what they need, they can choose from more than 40 coaches. For each coach, The Muse created a page with a biography, certificates of authors and their educational background, as well as customer reviews. The undeniable disadvantage is that you cannot view the portfolio of these authors to see if you like the result.

Are The Muse Coaches Scammers?

No, The Muse is a legal company that does not distribute personal information to third parties, and it does not deceive users. Therefore, the overall rating of The Muse is relatively high, and people trust this brand.

The Muse Cost

The final amount the user has to pay depends on their set filters. However, the starting prices are pretty high if we consider the primary services, such as resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile writing. First, there are three packages of services that depend directly on the degree of qualification of the coach:

  1. Mentor

If you are considering only a resume review, then such a service from a mentor will cost $119. For this amount, you can first discuss everything related to your document by phone or Skype with the mentor, but the call is limited; it does not last more than 30 minutes. Then you receive the first draft of your resume and have the opportunity to make changes only once.

The same policy is present when choosing the resume + LinkedIn profile review service, but it costs $229.

For a cover letter, the price is also, in our opinion, unreasonably expensive, $ 99, while you can also make edits only once.

  1. Coach

When choosing a resume review from a coach, the user needs to deposit $225. Unlike the previous package, the applicant can consult with the coach for 45 minutes and make corrections twice.

Resume and LinkedIn profile review costs $399 with two edits. Cover letter writing with a coach costs $149 on this platform.

  1. Master coach

It is the most expensive package. For example, for a resume review alone, a user needs to deposit as much as $479. Of course, in return, the applicant receives an hour of talk with a master coach and the ability to make an unlimited number of edits within two weeks from the moment you accept the first template. But we still believe that the price is too high, even if the work is done with high quality.


The Resume LinkedIn profile review costs $270 more, but the LinkedIn page is completed, as in previous cases, in one go, without further editing.


Cover letter writing on The Muse with a master coach costs $279, while on other platforms, the service starts at $60.

Is a Refund Possible?

Unfortunately, a full refund is possible only if the user cancels the service before receiving the first document template. However, in some cases, the brand provides a partial refund.


For example, if a user is dissatisfied with the first communication with a mentor or coach via phone or Skype and wants to cancel the service, 80% of the cost will be refunded. If the job seeker doesn’t like the draft and intends to drop it altogether, they will get a 50% refund.


However, if the applicant is dissatisfied with the final result, they will not receive a refund. Therefore, it is recommended to carefully review the drafts and immediately notify the mentor or coach of errors. It is worth noting that The Muse also does not guarantee that the applicant will receive an invitation to an interview.

How Long Will I Have to Wait For My Order to be Completed?

The Muse resume writing, LinkedIn profiling, and cover letter writing are services that provide their services in full within 1-2 weeks. Unlike many other services, there are no urgent cases here.

The Muse Contact and Support

The Muse has created a FAQ block on the site, which users can read at the end of the page. In case of questions, the company is always ready to answer them. Applicants can chat on the site or email [email protected] As for the author’s confirmation, this process takes from several hours to one business day. Users receive a letter that the author is ready to accept the order, and the user can send them their documents.

The Muse Promo Codes

The Muse has a loyalty program with promotional codes. You can use promo codes by entering them when filling out an order under your credit card information. Promotional codes are available on the Internet that allows you to save from 10% to 50%.


You can also give your friend a service from this company. However, in this case, this only applies to:

  • Resume review
  • Resume and LinkedIn review
  • Individual consultation with a coach on job-hunting techniques
  • Individual consultation with coach lasting 30 minutes

Prices for gift certificates correspond to the established packages.

The Muse Social Media

The Muse regularly updates their social media pages. You can follow their activities on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and even Pinterest. Unfortunately, sites like Trustpilot or Sitejabber do not provide reviews for this company. As for Reddit, you can only see reviews related to job search, not The Muse resume reviews.

In addition, The Muse is a pretty popular company, the history of which is written in detail on sites such as Wikipedia.

The Muse Staff Reviews

As for working in this company, not everything is so optimistic. On Glassdoor, the company has a score of 3.4, which indicates not the best working conditions. Users rated the office they worked in and their colleagues, but at the same time reported that the company’s management is quite toxic.


If you’re interested in becoming an editor, then according to reviews on Glassdoor, the easy interview is a nice bonus. Editors receive approximately $66K – $71K/yr.

The Muse Pros and Cons

A significant advantage is the number of services that the company provides. In addition to distributing documents, they also offer quality advice on leadership development and job search strategy creation. Moreover, many people have found jobs thanks to this site.


The Muse assists in advancing women to higher positions by helping them break the glass ceiling in their profession. The company also helps veterans find jobs.


But the disadvantages are that for some services, the prices are pretty high, while the documents can be mediocre. You don’t get any guarantee that your writer won’t use catchphrases in their resume because the site won’t provide examples of their work. Also, despite many such services, there are no CV writing and KSAs on the site, which is necessary for many job openings.

Final Thoughts on The Muse

The Muse is a company that will help you develop your career path. But at the same time, to get a high-quality and non-clichéd document, you will have to take the services of a coach or master coach, which is quite expensive. At the same time, other resume writing services offer their quality services at a reasonable price and cover CV writing, KSA, and military to civilian transitions.